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Love evening walks with your pup? This retractable leash has a built-in flashlight and bag holder

I live in a city, so my dog is on a leash 99% of the time we’re outdoors. Although he’s just shy of two years old, we’ve gone through our fair share of leashes. Some have been too heavy, some too short. Others have gotten too dirty. But the one we use the most consistently — and get tons of compliments on from other pet parents — is the Tug Tangle-Free Retractable Dog Leash. It comes with a clip-on flashlight and built-in bag holder, so it’s incredibly useful for nighttime potty breaks.


The leash has a soft ergonomic grip and an easy lock and unlock feature.

$27 at Amazon

The leash comes in small, medium and large, so whether you’ve got a tiny pup or a bigger friend, you’re covered. It extends up to 16 feet using a long nylon tape. The brand, Tug, makes Amazon’s No. 1 selling retractable leash. However, this version comes with the extra perks of a flashlight and a bag holder. You can also choose from seven colors.

The bag holder is simply a hollow compartment in the side of the leash. You can stuff two to five loose bags in it (not a whole roll). I like it because I don’t have to use a traditional waste bag holder — I can never get the bags out of those. However, my favorite part is the flashlight. It clips on and off, and it’s rechargeable. It has six settings, including three levels of brightness, and the option to turn on a front flashlight with a back red safety light. I can see where my dog is even as the evening goes on, but I can also see ahead if there’s anything we want to avoid and pinpoint where he went potty so I can clean up.

I know: Not everyone is a fan of retractable leashes. There are some real dangers you should be aware of before using one. However, I live next to a large park with small trails, so this lets him run a little and explore more freely when no one is around. We’ve also used it while visiting family in the suburbs to take him out for quick breaks in their unfenced yard. To keep the tension off his neck, he wears a harness, and while walking back to our apartment, I lock it close to me so there’s some slack, like with a regular leash.

Dog on retractable dog leash with flashlight

Light the way with this clever dog leash. (Amazon)

The Tug Tangle-Free Retractable Dog Leash has a lot more fans — it has over 2,600 five-star reviews on Amazon. “The flashlight during the night is so bright and the baggie holder is something I never thought I needed,” raved one shopper.

“Love this leash!” wrote another buyer. “I’ve never been a fan of retractable leashes, but this one is amazing! The handle has a nice comfortable grip to it. The lock is easy to use and I love how durable this product is.”

Another five-star fan shared that it’s “super durable, hasn’t tangled or locked up. Has been in water, dropped, dragged, sat on — you name it! As good as it was on day one! The baggy holder is small, but two or three at a time is fine. Long enough without being too long.”

“Fabulous design, as far as I’m concerned,” said a final reviewer. “It’s not chew-proof. But it’s a leash, not a toy, so I don’t think anyone can reasonably expect that. We’ve been on hundred of miles of Midwestern wooded hikes, dragging on trees, getting caught on rocks, bushes, etc. and it’s holding up just fine. Retracts well. Buttons work smoothly. Solid product. I’m about to buy a second for backup.”


Talk about an all-in-one solution: An integrated flashlight and bag holder help you travel light.

$31 at Amazon

If you’re not into retractable leashes, Tug also sells the clip-on flashlight on its own.


You can clip this flashlight onto almost any dog leash or collar. Just press the button until you get to your desired brightness, and hold it down when you want to turn it off.

$13 at Amazon

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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