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‘Great for my allergies and the heat’: Grab this cooling Dyson purifier for $130 off — and other incredible deals today

If the sunbeams shining through your living room window tend to be more frightful (so hot, so much dust revealed) than delightful, it’s time to refresh your space. Dyson created an air purifier/fan that’s up to the task, and it’s a cool $130 off! Armed with HEPA H13 filtration, this dynamo traps dust, allergens, smoke, foul smells and more, analyzes it and blows the purified air back into the room, cooling things down as it cleanses. The filter is a breeze to change and a simple remote is included.

“Fantastic, worth every penny,” wrote an impressed reviewer with asthma and pets. “Air circulation, airflow as well as proper filtration is absolutely essential. I also live in California which deals with fires from time to time, so it’s very important to have a high-quality filter. … This product exceeds absolutely everything I was looking for. It even lets you know what type of substances it is filtering with its active air purification system.”

Another “very satisfied” fan wrote: “I don’t have to run my air conditioning units as much because the fan on the TP07 keeps me cool even though it is just a fan. The app is very useful. I have been using the fan daily and the air quality in my home has improved. … My home smells fresh and clean. The filter was easy to install. On the app, you can change the airflow direction and precisely point the fan in any direction.”

“I am experiencing night sweats and hot flashes (yep), which is the main reason I researched this product, and I can say it works great for both my allergies and heat,” said a final shopper.


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