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The best extended Memorial Day kitchen deals — there’s still time to score big savings on Le Creuset, Vitamix and more

I hope your long weekend was one filled with perfectly charred hot dogs, juicy watermelon, crisp corn on the cob and refreshing ice cream — can you tell I’ve got food on the brain? Not that it’s anything new — as a former professional baker turned kitchen deals hunter, I’m constantly thinking about my next meal, and how I’m gonna make it. If you’re cut from the same cloth (probably cheesecloth), then you’ll be pleased to know there are still a slew of worthwhile Memorial Day kitchen sales worth scooping up.

Here’s what’s caught my eye: There’s a stunning Le Creuset Dutch oven marked down by $140, and its Lodge counterpart is just $70 (that’s the one I use). Looking for a Father’s Day gift for the griller in your life? The popular Meater kitchen thermometer is down to the best price I’ve seen. There’s also a bestselling Henckels knife set slashed by over 60%, a Vitamix blender for $249 off and much more. So chop-chop — just like a blue plate special, these deals won’t last forever!

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Le Creuset who? I cook with Lodge Dutch ovens at home, and this one is just the right size for a smaller household. The slick enameled interior cleans like a dream, while the sturdy cast iron offers excellent heat distribution and retention. Plus, it’s so pretty you won’t mind leaving it on the stove for everyone to admire. 

“Don’t tell my KitchenAid mixer, but I think I love this more,” joked a reviewer. “I’m Greek and cook a lot. I’ve used this for everything from pasta dishes like manestra to frying keftedes (meatballs) — [I’ve] even used [it] to bake bread! It’s a great item for one-pot meals. While it gets plenty hot because it’s cast iron, the enamel makes deglazing and cleaning a breeze. I use mostly silicone and wooden tools, but even with metal utensils, I haven’t had any chips. … Lodge is a great brand for those of us who can’t quite afford Le Creuset.”

Read my full Lodge Dutch oven review for more details. 

$70 at Amazon


Of course, if “Le Creuset or bust” is the motto in your kitchen, you won’t do much better than this beauty that’s been marked down by $140. As durable as it is aesthetically pleasing, it’s coated in shock-resistant (and chip-resistant) enamel, and its dome-shaped lid encourages heat circulation for even cooking. 

“Not as heavy as I expected, but still feels really premium,” shared a Dutch oven newbie. “Perfect size for two to six people. My first-ever bread came out perfect and was so easy to clean after. Super easy to cook with and I can’t wait to make some stews in it next.”

$280 at Amazon


Slicing and dicing just got way more fun, thanks to this colorful knife set from Cuisinart. You’ll get an 8-inch chef knife, an 8-inch slicing knife, an 8-inch serrated bread knife, a 7-inch santoku knife, a 6.5-inch utility knife, a 3.5-inch paring knife and protective sheaths for each. Since they’re color-coded, you can designate one for meat, one for vegetables — no cross-contamination to see here.

$22 at Amazon


Yes, this top-seller might technically be called a “meat” thermometer, but don’t underestimate its value when it comes to liquids and baked goods. The most accurate way to tell whether food is done is by taking its temperature, and this gizmo presents a reading in seconds.

“I can’t believe I’ve gone so long without a good cooking thermometer,” wrote an impressed cook. “This thing works great, seems accurate. I like the magnet, so I can keep it on my fridge for easy finding. I used it to make yogurt — takes all the guessing out of that process.”

$10 at Amazon


Whether you know a dad who’s a grilling machine (Father’s Day is June 16!) or want your meat to come out perfectly every time, this popular pick is down to the lowest price I’ve seen. Pair it with your phone via an app and read the temperature that way, allowing you to focus on other tasks rather than babysitting your steak. 

“This probe is amazingly accurate,” raved a user. “The app supporting the probe is informative and predictive of when it will be done. That gives me time to prepare the side dishes so that they are all completed at the same time. I’ve told the Meater people that I may buy another two or three of these probes just in case they go out of business and I’m unable to get an eventual replacement!”

$70 at Amazon


Rachael Ray, Ina Garten, Giada De Laurentiis and even Reese Witherspoon use Boos Block cutting boards, so you know you’re getting a quality piece. Having a large (20″ x 15″) slab like this will allow you to prep multiple ingredients on the same surface, and it’s reversible, in case you’d like to separate vegetables from meat. The indented handles on each side make for easier carrying too. 

“Terrific cutting board,” raved one shopper. “I have the tiniest kitchen in my apartment, and after watching some organizing videos, I realized I should make my small counter space completely covered by this sturdy cutting board. Why bother storing those dinky bamboo cutting boards when my complete surface is usable for food prep!”

$125 at Amazon


Every kitchen needs a good pair of oven mitts, meaning those hole-filled ones in your drawer need to go. These top-sellers are heat-resistant up to 500°F, thanks to their silicone coating — and not only that, their ribbed design offers better grip than cloth mitts, plus they’re water-resistant to protect your hands from hot splatters. They come in over 20 colors, though prices vary. (This gray pair is 60% off!)

“These oven mitts are a game changer in my kitchen,” declared a buyer. “The ribbed silicone design provides a secure grip on hot pots and pans, giving me confidence when handling them. The soft inner lining is comfortable to wear and provides excellent heat protection. I appreciate that they are flexible and allow for easy movement of my hands, unlike some other oven mitts that can feel stiff and bulky. Plus, the set comes with two mitts, so I always have a backup when one is in the wash.”

$14 at Amazon


Henckels has been crafting knives for over a century, so they know a thing or two about what makes a quality set. This bestselling collection is majorly marked down (over 60% off) and comes with just about every type of blade a home cook could need: a 3-inch paring knife, 5-inch serrated utility knife, 7-inch santoku knife, 8-inch chef’s knife and 8-inch bread knife. Also included: six 4.5-inch steak knives, a professional honing steel, kitchen shears and a hardwood knife block. Whew! 

“I needed a complete set of good knives,” explained a shopper. “After thorough research, I settled on these. The Henckels brand has an excellent reputation. They are well-balanced and each do the job as intended. They stay sharp longer than I expected. The wooden block looks nice and fits well on my countertop. This is a good investment that should last for many years!”

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Save $221 with coupon

$124 at Amazon


Not looking for a whole set? This affordable pair will have you slicing and dicing with ease. Also made by Henckels, this duo includes 5.5-inch and 7-inch santoku knives. Their shorter, fine-edged blades are suitable for precision chopping and thinly slicing while their lightweight construction allows for effortless movement. 

“Bought these to replace some of my older knives,” shared a content customer. “They work great and come sharp out of the box. I like the two sizes, and they both fit in my hand well. Easy to grip and control while cutting.”

$25 at Amazon


Hate having to drag out a cutting board every time you need to slice an onion? And does said onion make your eyes tear up with the sting of a hundred jellyfish? That’s why thousands of shoppers reach for this bestseller, which chops veggies into tiny, uniform pieces with just one push. And because everything falls into the attached tray, you’ll keep your counter clean too. 

“I love this … cuts down my chopping time by 80%,” gushed a user. “[It] comes with stuff you need to clean the grates! I have been using this almost daily, [the] whole family loves it … Many times I had chopped more than I needed … I just put the whole thing in the fridge … it has its own storage.”

Save $5 with coupon

$25 at Amazon


Gordon Ramsay approves of this brand, and you know how particular the celebrity chef is. The pans’ hybrid construction combines the best qualities of stainless steel, cast iron and nonstick for a one-of-a-kind product that, according to Ramsay, “is highly versatile and cooks exceptionally well.” They’re made of aluminum sandwiched between stainless steel for expert heat conduction and distribution, and their nonstick interiors make them a breeze to clean. Plus, the signature hexagonal etching helps encourage browning. With this starter set, you’ll get the 12-inch, 10-inch and 8-inch Hybrid pans, plus lids for each. 

“These are the best pans I have used,” declared a home cook. “They are nonstick, and cleanup is a breeze. I’ve used these for over a year, almost every day, and they are just like the day I unboxed them. I highly recommend these pans and plan to buy a set for each of my kids.”

Check out our roundup of the best pots, pans and cookware sets of 2024 for more. 

$400 at HexClad


An 11-piece nonstick cookware set for 60 bucks? There’s gotta be a catch. Well, the only one I can think of is that there are just two detachable handles that clip onto every pot and pan in this collection — and that’s a good thing! Now you’ll be able to stack the pieces and save space in your cabinets. This No. 1 bestseller comes with two frying pans, two saucepans, a sauté pan, two removable handles, two silicone lids and two fridge storage lids. 

“I got these in order to make some more space in my cabinets,” wrote a buyer. “These take up a quarter of the space my old pots and pans used. They work great on my glass stove top. They are so easy to clean and have not scratched, dented or stained!”

$60 at Amazon


If stainless steel is your ride-or-die, this stunning set is an insane $755 off. All-Clad is one of the brands preferred by professional chefs, and it’s not hard to see why: The D3 tri-ply construction means each piece consists of an aluminum core for excellent heat conduction sandwiched between two layers of sturdy stainless steel. This cookware looks great, is built to last, and the whole shebang consists of just about every pot and pan a home cook could need. 

“Best cookware I’ve ever had in my lifetime (now a senior!),” swooned a buyer. “Everything cooks so evenly, and I love how the handles don’t get hot. Beautiful appearance/craftsmanship; I even enjoy the cleanup! Will keep me passionate for cooking for another 30 years!”

$650 at All-Clad


You’ll feel like you have your own personal smoothie shop with this best-in-class blender. Boasting a 2.2-horsepower motor, it’ll effortlessly blitz up ice and frozen fruit, though you could also use it for whizzing up sauces or even grinding up meat. From soup to nuts (as in, homemade nut butters), this workhorse will level up your meal prep like no other — and this is the best price I’m seeing.

“Best blender I’ve ever owned!” raved a fan. “I had a Ninja, which is a good brand, but this is so much better! Easy to use and very easy to clean. My smoothies come out perfectly blended with no pulp or ice chunks. The soup setting is easy and makes perfect hot soup.”

$380 at QVC


Of course, you don’t have to spend hundreds on a blender if you’ll be using it less frequently. Take this lovely appliance that comes from Drew Barrymore’s kitchen line: It costs about the same as five smoothies you’d get from a juice bar, but looks like a million bucks. And aesthetics aside, it has seven settings to choose from, whether you’d like a perfectly uniform mixture or want your gazpacho to maintain some texture.

“I use this every morning to make my breakfast shakes,” shared a shopper. “I use ice and a protein bar in my shake, and the blender handles both really well. And it’s so pretty on my counter!”

$30 at Walmart


Getting whacked in the face by a rogue droplet of hot oil isn’t fun. According to the manufacturer, this bestselling splatter screen can prevent up to 99% of liquids from escaping your pan as you cook, meaning you’re much less likely to get burned. Your stovetop will also be spared from greasy messes. Plus, it’ll help keep odors from consuming your kitchen, and unlike a lid, it’ll still allow steam to be released. Its little feet let it rest on your counter with the mesh part elevated, making it a cute little cooling rack. You could also use it as a strainer.

“Love this product!” exclaimed one thrilled reviewer. “Not only does it keep oil from popping out of the pan and onto the surrounding area, but I haven’t had a splatter burn since I started using it. I can keep the guard on the pan and it doesn’t burn or rupture. It is easy to clean in the dishwasher as well, and holds its strength and shape during cleaning.”

$7 at Amazon


Butterfingers, unite! Stainless steel mixing bowls are where it’s at for clumsy bakers like me, since they’re shatterproof. What I love about this set is that each bowl comes with a lid — that way, if you’re making, say, bread dough that needs to rise, you’ll have a cover for it without having to waste plastic wrap. Plus, you’ll be able to pop any leftovers right into the fridge. 

“They are so much lighter than my regular mixing bowls and so much easier to handle,” said a home baker. “I used to feel I was jeopardizing my life whenever I took my ceramic bowls down. I highly recommend.”

$19 at Walmart


Ina Garten herself is a fan of this wildly popular and versatile pan, which is made of durable cast iron that’ll last for years. It comes pre-seasoned and can withstand heat from any cooktop — it can even be used over a campfire. Nothing’s better when it comes to achieving the perfect sear on your meat — and I can say from personal experience that it makes the best pancakes too.

“It’s already seasoned and I love that!” wrote a Lodge loyalist. “It is my favorite pan now. It’s pretty, so I leave it sitting on my stove all the time. Nothing is sticking to it and it’s super easy to clean, has great heat distribution and is excellent quality. This will be passed down for generations.”

Check out my full Lodge Cast Iron Skillet review for more. 

$20 at Amazon


Air-frying is super convenient until it’s time to clean the tray. Take some of the work out by sticking one of these BPA-free silicone liners in before you cook; then, toss them into the dishwasher once you’re done! So much easier than trying to scrape off caked-on residue. These fit air fryers with 3-5-quart capacities. 

“We make fries in the air fryer at least once a week,” shared a user. “Plain or seasoned fries are easy, but adding other toppings makes a mess in the air fryer and looks sloppy when lifted out with tongs. No more! Cheese fries, chili fries, the silicone liner keeps the air fryer clean and your food looking good.”

$7 at Amazon


You’ll feel so high-tech using this sleek touchscreen toaster, but the reality is it couldn’t be easier to operate. You’ll have a clear visual guide when it comes to choosing the doneness level of your toast, as well as images of the different types of foods you can heat up, from bagels and pastries to waffles and English muffins. The extra-wide slots can handle thicker slices of bread because we all know carbs are the best food group. 

“Toasters aren’t often as good as they used to be,” lamented a reviewer. “I tried and returned two before I purchased my Whall. It toasts evenly, has multiple settings (including defrost) and looks good on the counter. The pop-up button is a nice feature too. It lets you check progress on items you haven’t toasted before. You won’t be disappointed.”

Save $41 with coupon

$50 at Amazon


So, your outdoor space is too small for a grill, and you’d really like to avoid a house full of smoke — but you’re still craving those charred foods of summer. This indoor grill sears proteins and veggies like a champ, but its smoke control system means you won’t be breathing in soot while you cook. In addition to a grill plate, it comes with a flat-top griddle (smash burgers, anyone?) and you’ll be able to fit up to six steaks at a time on its roomy cooking surface. Bonus: It comes with a food thermometer for accurate results every time. 

“I honestly like meat and poultry grilled on this better than on my outdoor grill,” admitted a shopper. “I am able to control the temperature better. The meat is much juicier. It’s just easier to use and I’m not standing outside in the heat in the summer. I love the griddle function. Boneless chicken breast is so tender and delicious like this! I was stunned!”

Check out our roundup of the best grills of 2024 for more. 

$202 at Amazon


The best meals are the ones you can make by tossing all of the ingredients into one cooking vessel, then setting and forgetting. That’s probably why the Instant Pot has become such a cult favorite — and this model, with its 10 functions in one, is so versatile, it just might become your most-used appliance. Make rice, sear chicken, bake bread … or heck, even whip up some cheesecake in it. You’ll be able to cook enough food to feed six people, so I’ll be awaiting my dinner party invitation. 

“I was somewhat skeptical about Instant Pots for a long time and then I finally caved and decided to get one,” shared a convert. “It’s one of the better kitchen investments I’ve ever made. Delicious pulled pork in an hour, easy one-pot meals and perfectly cooked rice without a rice cooker. It opens up so many possibilities for weeknight meals. One day I even brought it to the office for a food day and made fresh mac and cheese in the cafeteria.”

$120 at Amazon


I love cookware with glass lids because they allow me to check on my food without letting out the steam that keeps things juicy. This stunner from Staub is made from sturdy cast iron and has a matte enamel interior to promote browning (i.e., flavor). Start it on the stovetop and move it into the oven to cook baked pastas, meats, casseroles, rice dishes — it would even be ideal for gooey cinnamon rolls. And it’s so pretty, it can be used as a serving vessel too.

“I have always wanted a Staub and was looking for a pan that could handle soups, light frying, braising and casseroles,” wrote a fan. “This is perfect. So perfect, I made Chex Mix in it. Yes, a chef somewhere in the world is rolling in his/her grave. Point is, it’s versatile and also impressive in design to carry a finished meal from stove/oven to table.”

$170 at Amazon


Ready to finally trade your mismatched dishes for a cohesive collection? I’m swooning over this matte set, which includes dinner plates, salad plates, bowls and mugs. Simple yet sleek, these pieces will enhance the presentation of your delicious meals without taking all the focus. They’re also dishwasher- and microwave-safe. 

“The service for four is perfect for my family, and the matte finish gives it a modern and elegant touch that elevates every meal,” shared an impressed customer. “Each piece is beautifully crafted with attention to detail, and the quality is immediately noticeable. The set includes everything needed … and each piece has proven to be both durable and practical for daily use.”

$38 at Wayfair

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

Here’s everything you need to know about Memorial Day sales, plus all the best deals on the internet — kept fresh by our team of shopping editors. See all of our Memorial Day sales coverage across Yahoo and Engadget here.


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