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Home Renovation Trends In 2015

Home renovations seem to lead in one direction or another each year. What was trending last year is now no longer in this year. Not to say it will not probably make its way back as trendy the following year though. While trends do come and go, huge money is spent each year on different areas of the home and  homeowners love to keep up with these trends.

You can use them to help build a bigger return on property capital gain by updating and renovating your home to what people are wanting. You can keep all the rooms and areas of your home looking great, while also having the value of your property looking great too.

The top trends for 2015 have been projected to be smaller projects and more necessary in nature rather than working on large-scale renovations.

Here are some of the expected 2015 Top Trends in Home Renovations

Bathrooms - The bathroom is a much quicker but more expensive renovation than other rooms in the house. Renovating the bathroom can be as simple as putting new floor and wall tiling along with new fittings. The return on the investment can be much more than the cost of time and materials particularly if you are able to do the work yourself.

Warmer Tones – It has been very popular in recent years to be minimalist. To use white extensively and have clean uncluttered spaces. The new trend is moving away from this and to have interiors that looked lived in and warmer in appearance. Rather than white tones oranges and browns are taking their place. Carpet is also becoming warmer and more expressive painting is enhancing upgrades and renovations. Buyers are also simply stripping out the old floor coverings in older homes to expose heart timber floors and getting a great result for their effort.

Immediate Repairs – If a home needs repairs then they should be taken care of before renovating a room that does not have any issues. Simply fixing a leaking roof or replacing a cracked driveway can add thousands to the value of a home immediately and are obviously repairs that absolutely need be done.

Create One Space – One of hottest trends this past year is creating one large living space out of two or three smaller spaces. If the home has a small kitchen, living room and dining room, knocking out the walls and creating one large open-space and will create a better flow in the home. This can also work in the bedroom that has an adjoining bathroom. Designers create a larger area by opening up the bathroom and only enclosing the toilet. A glass enclosed shower will give the appearance of more space.

The Green Theme – This is a trend that is continuing and getting extremely popular. Many buyers are looking for  a property with the ability for “going green”. This means using sustainable materials such as bamboo for flooring, water collectors for collecting rainwater for gardening and planted walls. Any type of energy saving innovation does increase the value of a home by a great deal. Some are more costly to complete than others, but if a homeowner starts with small projects, significant advances can be made and is much better for the environment.

Home renovations follow trends just as any other industry. The savvy homeowner knows that they need to stay on top of these trends if they want to increase the value of their house. Simply changing flooring colors or replacing a leaking roof can add thousands of dollars to the value of it. An assessment of your home will highlight the types of changes you might want to make to keep pace with the 2015 home renovation trends.

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